MTS Light castle
Game for MTS
The project goal is legal risks reduction and compliance culture development. MTS requested to organise all the relevant information in one place and raise compliance-awareness among employees.
Client's problem
In order to gain employees attention to the course and complex documentation we decided to use Game of Thrones trend as a base concept and develop it into an educational quest.

The goal is to explore the quest, search, study, collect information and finally get a trophy. Employees as characters examine castle grounds, interact with objects and educational content inside, collect knowledge crystals and get trophies for obtaining and learning educational materials.
— The highest сourse completion rate in the last 6 years: 2 442 compared to the usual 1 112;

— Course hits exceeded the average numbers for the last 6 months just within the first two hours after the launch;

— Over 600 employees have completed the course during the first day even though the course was not mandatory;

— Currently there are approximately 300 employees who complete the course monthly.
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