Zero Zone Challenge
Non-alcohol segment promotion campaign at HEINEKEN
We need all the employees in the company to understand and share our goal — to become number 1 brand in non-alcohol segment.
Client's problem
We came up with "Zero Zone Challenge" campaign lasting for 3 months and involving all 2000 HEINEKEN employees. It includes video-challenge, educational website, communication through intranet and offline activities.
Our solution
Over 3 months, 6 video-challenges were held for employees and ambassadors. They contained creative tasks about non-alcohol products. The winners got quality merch.
The website was the main starting point of all challenges, the platform for publishing best videos and announcing offline events, the source for educational articles on non-alcoholic products.
The competitive spirit of the campaign led to high activity on the internal portal (views, likes, comments).
Campaign format (prises, design, challenges) was chosen based on in-depth interviews with real employees. This approach allowed not only to engage employees and achieve campaign goals, but also to strengthen the employer’s internal brand and increase employee satisfaction.
Thank you
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