Innovations map MTS
Educational project
Our task was to build a futuristic city of technology, showing the main trends in IT and Digital industries and encouraging user to take a course or webinar.
The user walks around the city, selects a highlighted object and clicks. After reading brief technology description, user can sign up for training.
MTS today is more than a telecommunications company. It is an IT corporation developing many branches: from artificial intelligence to e-sports.
The city is divided into a map of districts, each district presents its own theme.
There are 5 districts on the map with 12 interactive objects connected by theme. While visiting an object, user learns a specific topic, for instance, blockchain and cryptocurrency, Internet of things and robotics.
The project was fully implemented in 6 months, compressed into a SCORM package and hosted on client’s internal SAP portal. Employees actively use our innovation map to study modern technology.
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