Mars chatbot
Chatbot and stickers
"Every year we publish an annual report on corporate culture, but it is not very popular with our employees. We need a new format to be created in order to increase employee interest and involvement."
Client's problem
Instead of the report we decided to create a microlearning experience. We developed a chatbot and drew a pack of cheerful stickers. Once a day each employee had an opportunity to answer the bot’s question. Interesting questions and excitement kept their enthusiasm alive.
First of all, we developed global content structure and wrote interesting questions for employees' engagement. Then, we wrote microarticles on 14 topics.

Next step was to develop chatbot mechanics and branching logic.

And for emotional core we drew unique stickers that helped the project achieve viral effect.
Every morning for 10 working days the bot was sending employees a single question and several answer options. It stirred the interest. Having had answered once, user stayed engaged and continued communicating with the bot, learning several topics and sending newly discovered stickers to his friends.
Compared to similar projects in the past, this project involvement was over 10 times higher than usual. Employee engagement was also additive and kept growing throughout the campaign. The final test completion rate was 2 times higher compared to the previous year.
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