McCombo Chef
Game for McDonalds
1. Spread the word about McCombo, a new McDonalds project;
2. Teach the employees of the restaurants main combinations and prices of the menu sets;
3. Roleplay conversation scripts regarding the menu sets and relevant discounts;
4. Increase the average purchase size by offering a McCombo menu set.
A simple game with addictive true or false mechanics; every level is time bound, just like real work situations when you have to be able to choose the correct option quickly.

Three levels:
McCombo or not? — you have to differentiate one of 4525 combinations.
Upgrade level — you have to choose an available option for each combination.
Choose a reply — make sure you know the correct script for McCombo sales.

Correct answers were awarded by the amount of points corresponding to the price of McCombo; mistakes were penalised. This way the employees had to make a conscious decision for every question instead of rushing on random. Time limits (90 secs per level) forced learning the guides by heart making the game even more addictive and challenging.


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